Still Humans

The start of a new tolerant society.

As students at Hyper Island, we lead the future. We design, develop and build experiences powered by creative innovation and future technologies. This time we were challenged by Annie Thorell from Wrapp to find a solution to a problem that concerns us all.

We had 5 weeks, different backgrounds, a diverse set of skills and a lot of creativity in our hands. Our brief consisted in finding a mobile solution that can quickly make a difference and raise awareness on the ongoing global refugee crisis, by focusing on responsive web design and development.

  • Type: Web design, web development

  • Client:

  • Role: Art direction, design

  • Date: 2015

Still Humans

The numbers

Everyday we get to see the headlines about how alarming is the increasing number of asylum applications in Sweden, different countries closing borders and more than a million migrants and refugees crossing into Europe this year. These numbers have created the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War, but behind each anonymous statistic related to migration and asylum there is a human face and a personal story.


Country in EU in terms of asylum applications. (H1 2015)


Granted decisions on asylum applications. (2015)


Asylum applications received. (2015)

*Statistics from Migrationsverket and UNHCR

The process

  1. We meet 10 Syrian refugees in Stockholm.
  2. We provide disposable cameras and a starter kit.
  3. We collect the cameras after 3 days.
  4. We exhibit the raw pictures from their point of view.

The photographs

We wanted to keep a simple web design that highlighted the photographs only. That's why we created a widescreen slideshow with no description. A potential implementation in the future is the add-on of social sharing.
Big shout out to Arnolds Verins for the support during the whole implementation of the website.

The colors

After conceptualising the photography exhibition and identifying the user we wanted to target, I began to define the design of the website and brand.
Still Humans is inspired by integration, so the idea was to use 4 different colours to create a beautiful harmony by primarily changing the brightness of each one. We decided to implement this pattern for the background of the landing page, adding transitions and using keyframes.


The passion

We strongly believe that different kind of people from different kind of places make the world a place for innovation and creativity. Integration doesn’t mean forced assimilation, we want to be treated as equals and have the same opportunities as everybody. We want to make a difference for kindness, for fun and for a better life. Together we are human.