My name is Harold Henckell.
I believe that simple design is in the perfect details.
I am currently doing my internship at North Kingdom, Stockholm, after having completed my program at Hyper Island, where I have been fortunate enough to work near brilliance with wonderful people and clients, such as Volvo, Ustwo, Unicef, P&G prestige, Transdev and many more. Prior my time at Hyper Island, I studied multimedia engineering for 3 years in Barcelona, where I learnt how to create tailored interactive solutions.


North Kingdom

Stockholm - 2016

User Experience Design Intern

Sketching Concepts, Storytelling, User flows, Wireframes, Fast Prototyping, User Tests, Lean & Iterative Process.

Hyper Island

Stockholm - 2016

Mobile Creative Program

Design, Development and Experience Building powered by innovation and future technologies.

Millicom Digital Ventures

Stockholm - 2015


Visual Design, Copywriting, Traffic Control and Content Management.



Graphic Designer

Branding, Web Design and Development.

La Salle

Barcelona - 2013

Multimedia Engineering Bachelor's Degree

Research and Concept, Specific Public Analysis, UX Management, Design, Digital Content and Management.